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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 2023

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Welcome to Alpha Locksmith, a locksmith service provider in London, Ontario. We are proud and committed to protecting all information entrusted to us with the utmost care. The overview of this privacy policy statement is all about how we collect and use the data, disclosing personal information, and individual and commercial rights, how you can reach us, updates on policy changes, and our final take on this privacy policy. Please read it carefully for you and everyone who visits this website to be guided thoroughly about the policy of our company.

Collection of Data

In order for us to give you an efficient and accurate locksmith service we might need to collect information on your personal life, this includes:

  • Personal information: This is the first step you need to comply in availing our service, this includes your name, contact details, address, and other relevant information we might need.
  • Transaction data: After providing your personal data, your next to provide is the information about the service you want us to provide and the payment details. If it’s cash to cash or through bank transfer.
  • Communication data: We have two types of communication in order for you to avail of our service, you can call us directly or make appointments online by visiting our website.

Please be guided that all information you provide must be accurate and responsive so that we can have a smooth service transaction.

How the Collected Data Is Used

In case you wonder how we use the data collected, please continue reading for you to be guided.

Providing locksmith services: We use such data to aid the requests of all our customers, in terms of lock assistance, car lockout, key duplications, and many more.

Customer support: Our customer support staff use this information to respond to every customer request on behalf of the company.

Service improvements: Information collected is used to get feedback from the customers and will be highlighted on our website only if a certain client approves that they will be featured on the website. This will help improve our company’s reputation.

Legal obligations: If local authorities or law enforcement requires your information, we’re obliged to give it in accordance with local and national laws. 

We ensure that all data used is for legal purposes only. 

Disclosing of Data

Data collected may be shared with other parties with legitimate interests, this includes:

  • Third-party service providers: We may collaborate with reliable partners who support us in delivering our services, which may involve sharing your data. It might concern you, but we ensure that it’s safe, and we’ll inform you always in making this step.
  • Legal requirements: In order to fulfill the company’s legal obligations or respond to lawful requests, we may occasionally be required to disclose your data. This may occur, for example, in situations where we are required by law or compelled by legal authorities. Rest assured that we prioritize your privacy and will always handle your data with the utmost care and confidentiality.
  • Transfer of Ownership: When the company has its new owner, we might disclose your data, because we’re obliged to do so. If ever you don’t like the idea, you can always request our staff to erase your personal data.

All data shared is always based on legal purposes, we assured that we’ll notify you on such changes made by the company about the personal data collected.

Individual Rights

All customers have the right to:

  • Access Customer Data: Each customer has the right to ask the company for detailed information about their personal information. This includes any data that the business has gathered. Simply use the relevant channels to get in touch with our committed data protection team to exercise this right. We pledge to maintain openness and provide customers with a clear picture of how their personal data is handled.
  • Rectify Customer Data: Never be afraid to ask for corrections if a customer encounters any wrong or missing information. It’s crucial to make sure the information we use is trustworthy, current, and correct. We’d be willing to change customer information for better and smooth transactions.
  • Erase Customer Information: The customer has every right to request the deletion of their personal information. 
  • Restrict Data Processing: If they have any worries or qualms about their personal information, the customer has the right to restrict or stop the processing of their data. Our staff works hard to ensure that customer preferences are honored and taken into account, since we value customers who have control over their information.
  • Data Portability: Every customer has the option to conveniently request a copy of their valuable data, ensuring it is provided to them in a commonly used electronic format. This user-friendly approach streamlines the process, allowing customers to securely preserve and access their information with ease.

The company gives importance to every customer’s rights, so our staff aim to provide or give solutions to their concerns promptly. We always respect every customer’s decision regarding their personal information. So feel free to reach us anytime, and we will be more than happy to assist our valued customers.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding your data or this Privacy Policy, you can contact our customer support desk at 519-914-0921 or make an appointment online by visiting our website.

Privacy Policy Changes and Updates

The company’s comprehensive privacy policies may undergo occasional and incremental changes in order to better protect your personal information. We encourage each customer to visit our website to stay updated on the changes in our privacy policy. We greatly appreciate customers taking the time to visit our privacy policy.

Final Take

In Alpha Locksmith London Ontario, we deeply understand and prioritize the significance of every customer’s privacy. The company is committed to diligently safeguarding and handling all customers’ personal information with the utmost care and responsibility. Rest assured that when the customers utilize our services, the customers are entrusting us with their data, and the company values this trust immensely. By doing so, each customer willingly and knowingly agrees to adhere to the practices meticulously outlined and described in our comprehensive Privacy Policy.