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You must be aware of how important it is to find a suitable hiding place for your keys. In this blog, you will learn what are the best and worst places to hide your keys. It’s essential to know all these things to avoid the possible risk of theft or misplacement of keys and make your properties invulnerable. This article also shows how essential it is to have a good relationship with your neighbor. If you ever need a locksmith company, this blog also recommends one company that can handle all types of locksmith services.

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Advisable Place To Hiding Your House Keys

Hollow Rock

Hollow Rock is a good place to hiding your house keys because it perfectly blends in with the environment. Choose a section where you can put the rock, making it perfectly concealed. Making it hard for intruders to locate the key. 

Lock Box

A convenient way to hiding your house keys is by putting it inside a lock box under the porch steps. It is an advisable thing to do because it is hidden perfectly and is easily accessible in case of emergencies or lockouts. The risk of losing or misplacing the key when not in use will be minimized. Likewise, this step can add security to your home because the key is completely hidden away from potential intruders.

Magnetic Key

It is safe on hiding your house keys in a key hider/magnetic key holder because it provides a discreet and secure location to store the key.

Backyard BBQ Grill

One of the less obvious spots on hiding your house keys is that it’s tucked inside the barbecue grill in the backyard. The reason why it is a preferable spot is because an intruder wouldn’t bother checking your grill, the whole surface of a grill can cover your key perfectly.


Another great hiding spot for for hiding your house keys is beneath a chair on the patio. It not only protects from intruders but also protects from the elements, and passersby do not easily see its location. 

Loose Brick

A loose brick is also a good location, you just need to put it under, and it’s ready to be left out. Aside from chairs, this spot can also provide protection against elements and is difficult for unauthorized persons to access.

Children’s Toy

Another discreet and secure spot for hiding your house keys is putting it inside a children’s toy. The small feature of a toy makes it easy to hide away from the sight of intruders, and even if they see it, theft won’t bother touching them because they’re just toys. 


The fact that there’s a dog, the intruders wouldn’t bother checking it for them to be safe on their bad doings. This is what makes the doghouse a good and secure location for hiding your house keys.

Worst Place To Hide Keys

Underneath the Front Door Mat

The fact that the front door mat is placed literally on your front door makes it an obvious place for intruders to check. This is the reason why the front door mat is not an advisable location to hide your keys. 

Inside a Potted Plant

The reason why potted plants belong to the worst place to hide keys is because it is so common and can be easily spotted by intruders. Don’t even try considering hiding your keys on potted plants for your own safety. 

In a Desk Drawer

Keys and valuable properties must not be hidden in your drawer. Drawers are not an advisable place to store keys and important documents because it’s common sense for a thief to check them. 

On Top of a Shelf

If the top of your shelf is within reach by an average height of a human, then don’t even bother hiding your keys there. The reason this is not an advisable location is because of the fact that its a common position. Also, the spot can’t cover the key entirely, and even if you cover it, it will just become suspicious for intruders, and they will try to break and check it.

Inside Your Car

Placing your keys inside your car is not an advisable thing to do, especially if it includes your car keys inside. The reason for this is the thief can easily break your car doors and take the key together with your car, you only not lose keys but also your car. So don’t try leaving or hiding your keys inside your car.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Even if you place your keys in a safe hiding spot, the fact that you’re leaving your house, you can’t help but overthink it. This is the reason you should have a good relationship with your neighbor. So it’s also a good idea to get to know your neighbors. 

If you have a trusted neighbor then you can leave your keys to them. This not only prevents the possibility of getting locked out but also provides extra security because they can serve as a lookout when you’re away. Potential intruders can easily be identified because you have a reliable neighbor who can assist you in identifying thieves if the police require you to do so. Lastly, having someone nearby who can keep an eye out for your property brings you peace of mind, knowing that there’s an extra set of eyes watching over your home.

By fostering a strong relationship with your neighbor, you not only strengthen the sense of community but also create a safer environment for everyone. Together, you can contribute to a more secure neighborhood where neighbors look out for one another. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and build that bond with your neighbor. This small step that can make a big difference in enhancing your home security.

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