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Locked Out? Don’t Panic! Tips To Prevent Being Locked Out Of Your Car

Why Do People Get Locked Out of Their Cars?

Have you ever locked yourself out of your car? You’re not alone. It’s a common problem, and it can happen to anyone. Sometimes it’s a simple mistake, like leaving your keys in the ignition or in the trunk. Other times, it can be due to a malfunctioning lock or a broken key. Whatever the cause, being locked out of your car can be a frustrating and stressful experience.

Prevention is Key

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent being locked out of your car. Here are some tips to help you avoid this situation:

Keep a Spare Key Handy

One of the best ways to prevent being locked out of your car is to keep a spare key handy. This can be a physical key that you keep in your wallet or purse, or a digital key that you store on your smartphone. Either way, having a spare key can be a lifesaver if you accidentally lock yourself out of your car.

Use a Keychain Remote

If your car comes with a keychain remote, use it to lock and unlock your car doors instead of the manual lock on the door handle. This will help you avoid accidentally locking your keys in the car. Plus, it’s much more convenient than using the manual lock anyway.

Be Mindful of Your Keys

Make a habit of being mindful of your keys at all times. When you get out of your car, make sure you have your keys in your hand or in your pocket. Don’t set them down on the seat or the roof of your car. And when you’re done using them, be sure to put them back in a safe place, like your pocket or purse.

Get a Key Finder

If you’re prone to misplacing your keys, consider getting a key finder. This is a small device that attaches to your keychain and can be used to locate your keys if you lose them. Some key finders even have an alarm that will sound if you walk away from your keys, which can help prevent you from leaving them behind.

Have Your Locks Checked

If you’re having trouble with your car locks, have them checked by a professional. Malfunctioning locks can increase the risk of getting locked out of your car. A locksmith or mechanic can identify any issues with your locks and fix them before they become a problem.

What To Do If You Get Locked Out

Despite your best efforts, you may still find yourself locked out of your car. If this happens, don’t panic. Here’s what to do:

Check for Spare Keys

If you have a spare key, now is the time to use it. Check your wallet, purse, or any other place you might have stashed it.

Call for Help

If you don’t have a spare key, it’s time to call for help. Depending on your situation, you might call a locksmith, your car insurance company, or a roadside assistance service. Be prepared to provide your location and a description of your vehicle.

Wait for Assistance

Once you’ve called for help, wait for assistance to arrive. Use this time to stay calm and think through your options. If you’re in a safe location, you might consider waiting in a nearby building or under a shaded area until help arrives.


Locking yourself out of your car can be a frustrating and stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day. Taking measures to avoid being blocked and knowing what to do if it happens can avoid going through this situation.