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Combination Locks: Easy to Open with These Simple Tricks

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a combination lock and unable to remember the right code, you’re not alone. It can be frustrating to be locked out of something you need access to, whether it’s a gym locker, bike lock, or even a safe.

However, before you start considering breaking the lock, know that there are a few simple tricks that can help you open combination locks with ease.

How to Open a Combination Lock

Method 1: Brute Force

One of the simplest ways to open a combination lock is by using brute force. This method is not recommended for expensive or important locks, but it can work for basic locks that you need to get into quickly.

Start by turning the dial to the right until you hear a click. Then turn the dial to the left until you hear another click. Finally, turn the dial to the right until you feel the lock open. This method works because most combination locks have a small amount of play in the dial that allows you to feel when the lock is in the correct position.

Method 2: Using a Shim

A shim is a thin piece of metal that can be used to open combination locks. To use a shim, insert it into the gap between the shackle and the body of the lock. Then apply pressure to the shim to push the shackle away from the lock body. While applying pressure, turn the dial until you feel the lock open.

Method 3: Guessing the Combination

While this method may seem like a long shot, it’s worth trying if you have exhausted all other options. Start by trying some common combinations, such as 000, 123, or 999. If none of these work, try using birthdays or other significant dates as the combination. Keep trying different combinations until you find the right one.


Is it legal to open a combination lock without the owner’s permission?

It is important to note that attempting to open a lock that does not belong to you without the owner’s permission may be illegal and could result in criminal charges. Always make sure you have permission before attempting to open a lock.

Are there any other methods for opening combination locks?

Yes, there are many other methods for opening combination locks, including using a lock picking set or using a hammer and chisel to break the lock. However, these methods can be more difficult and should only be attempted by professionals.

Can all combination locks be opened using these methods?

While these methods may work for basic combination locks, more advanced locks may require more specialized methods for opening. Always consider the type of lock and the value of what you’re trying to access before attempting to open it.


While being locked out of something can be frustrating, there are always ways to get back in. By following the simple tricks outlined in this article, you can easily open combination locks without causing any damage to your lock or the object you’re trying to access.

However, always make sure you have permission before attempting to open a lock and consider seeking a professional locksmith help if you’re dealing with a more advanced lock.